Wednesday, July 18, 2007


its 10:35 am. ive just finished a bowl of cornflakes, the weather outside is beautiful. atleast thts what it looks like. today is one of those days when its sunny and cloudy all at once. and i smell nihari. which is completely impossible but i swear i do and right now i want a big plate of the fantastic stuff with a hot crisp tandoori roti and lots of lemons!

also, blogger thinks this is post is the 101th.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Eye Candy-Josh Duhamel

he's fergie's bf. need i say more!!

lots of random fluffy bits

im as tired as the scatterbrained title! so im going to do bullets of stuff going through my fluffy bits now.
  • somehow emraan hashmi looks cute with long hair. i know, very ewww! something is definitely wrong here...maybe im into long haired dudes. revelation?
  • facebook could be used as a weapon of mass destruction. brain (of pinky and the brain) could wreak havoc with it.
  • there are plenty of cute guys in dubai; just not pakistani ones. facebook research!
  • saw the notebook yesterday. rather streamed it. was up till 3 am. im in love with noah or (rather ryan gosling as noah calhoun)!! allah mian mera noah kab aaiye ga?
  • im most definitely getting a bright red suzuki jimny; the 2007 model. any thoughts, opnions and/or ghastly experiences are most welcome! if you are going to tell me it looks like a dabba i know already, mum and alta clued me into that fact! km jealous yet??
  • i miss my very irritating baby brother so much its seems hilarious at times! here i was, all prepared to send him off into the big bad world to learn important life leasons and im already wishin he'll come home now. how these four years will go by... :(
  • i was supposed to be in bed by 10:20 and its 12:20 :( :(
bas ab kay liye itna hi, baqi ki khabrein kaal raat ko! ;)

Sunday, July 08, 2007

TFL the ghost and other interesting tales

either its me or its everyone else, but something is definitely wrong! for eg a couple of hours ago i was waiting for the elevator. as is the norm i was standing beside it rather than in front of it; the two guys in it got some how spooked when they saw me standing there as in they did the whole double take, hand-on-heart routine! now how they took me to be a ghost at 10 pm in a bright red t-shirt is completely beyond me!! this is one of the many strange things going on lately. stranger still is the fact that work has doubled and still i dont feel overwhelmed; maybe its the amazing support im getting from everyone around me or the fact that I was much too apprehensive before taking these responsibilities over that now the sheer simplicity is freaking me out :(

maybe life is moving a bit too fast. yes, i think tht is it. with everything going from good to better, alhumdullilah, life has kind of stumped me i think. i am used to dealing with bad news; its this whole lot of good stuff coming in from all sides which i guess im having trouble dealing with (alhumdullilah times infinity). i know it sounds very weird, and almost nashukrapana but tht is the truth.

now all i can think of is not jinxing it and letting it steer me in the right direction.

now for the interesting tales; if the above was not enough :P

the fact that i got an iron in the company raffle was taken to be a sign of my not ironing my clothes!

i made the worlds biggest and stupidest wordo (thts typo for when you say something wrong). it was soo damn embarrassing that i dare not repeat it hear. needless to say, i am not sure i will ever hear the end of it.

most interesting of all would be that ive given up sugar in my coffee :P

the yuckiest of all would be that i strongly suspect some sort of sewage pipe runs through my air conditioning ducts which is stinking up my place *tearing my hair out in frustration*

the most interesting could be that i managed to, rather successfully, play the bitch and take the guy who used to stare in college to not even glancing my way! hehe!! oddly or rather fittingly i get attention from only the very wrong people; and i enjoy chasing them off ;)

thts about all thts been happening in my mundane life. i leave you with some pics i took.

Monday, July 02, 2007

TFL: License to drive muahahahahahahaaaaaa!!! *evil grin*

I got it today!!! it was my second attempt and alhamdulilah i passed.

thts all i have energy for today; last week was busy and in comparison this and the next two weeks will be insanely so, both workwise as well as socially. i hate it when this happens!! everything is just bunched together so i hardly have any energy to enjoy things at all! and then come weeks of nothing!! arghh! anyhow cant change anything there, so will be grateful for these few days.

in my very sleepy state im just going to reply to comments here ;)
@karachiite and miss specs: girls im sorry, didnt have the time to reply to the comments or even comment on your blogs! i most definately will as soon as life gets back on track :D

@twintopaz: dude im hoping you read the previous post wrong coz it said i failed and your comment clearly was the opposite, and if you didnt read wrongly, then either you're psychic or we know each other personally. if it is the latter lemme know (drop me an email) and youll get your treat. if thts not the case, youll still get the treat, we will just have to figure out how ;)

inshallah the dsl will work on the weekend, i have quite a few blog related things to do, the link list being the most important. i apologize if i offended anyone by not linking them, my procrastination has been getting the best of me lately :(

Monday, June 18, 2007

17th June, 2007

i think the image explains it all! in case it doesnt, i left work at 9:56 pm! nuff said.
i dont understand it but somehow i love it; the late nights dont bother me! infact i quite like the feeling of being the only one in the office. i love it enough to hush the little voice inside my head. the one which tells me that i should have been a librarian in a city like new york, or maybe should have owned a little cafe cum bookshop in some corner of paris.
im off to bed soon, please pray for me! the driving test is tomorrow and im certain i will fail :(
*Update: i failed :( the next one will be sometime in the first week of july.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


there has been so much going on i dont know where to begin...this will probably be very jumbled but its the best i can do in my near dead state!

the struggle for the coveted driving license is nearing its end, will know for sure on monday. please pray it goes well!

had our first real bash on friday. wasnt really a bash but as close as could be! discovered i look seriously hot in green ;) a little self praise goes a long way! was fun and went smoothly mashallah.

aunt's here, was off from work today, so signed up for shopping and rikhrofying duty. spent sometime with her and enjoyed my day off. ended up with more books! never a bad outcome.

work is stressful as of late, i think i have wayyyy too much to do in too little time! prioritizing is an art i have to perfect.

oh and i got another semi rishta thing. seriously! what is it with desi aunties??!! like anyone could be married to someone as wild as me?? anyhow thankfully abba and mama arent for it. the acca thing will serve as a beautiful excuse/tallofying thing.

km is all set and heading off to malaysia on the 24th of this month inshallah. he is part sweetheart part dickhead right now. i swear if he doesnt get his act together he can stay here and go to shitty preston with his happy happy friends and ill head off there! dude act excited! phlease!!

S, the youngest, will be done with her last practical tomorrow and from next week onwards i will have a roommate as well as someone to do the housework! well she has to earn the treats she will be getting!

and what is it with these long finger nailed dudes?? i dont mean all finger nails are long, just one, either the pinkie or the thumb. and funnily its not cultural or religious. what it is, is freaky!! can someone please explain.

oh and aerosmith was completely fantastic. was finally able to tell when someone was soo topped up they had no idea what they were doing, witnessed my first girl on girl make out session. fun times ;) but seriously it was fantastic, even though we were there since 4:30 which was much too early, we got a fantastic spot and thankfully steve tyler did not drop dead because of the heat! joe perry was awesome!!! i would totally go next time! now if only junoon came soon! km has got me way too hyped up for an event which might not even happen.

thts all i can think of right now. goodnight :)